“Sound can make, break or rearrange molecules, control the crystalline structure of matter and even levitate objects or blobs of liquid.” New York Times – Science section, 1988

Sound as the energy form cannot only enter our ears, brain, affect our nervous system, heartbeat and respiration but can actually go into our physical body and create shift and change on a molecular level. It can be used to heal us, to transform us, to change our consciousness, our senses open up and deed the very way that we perceive reality, shifts and changes. The tissue of our body is composed of vibration and every part of our body oscillates at its own frequency and it is more or less aligned with other vibrations. This approach is the basis of Sound Therapy that has been long used to treat humans. Sound Therapy can affect our hormones, it can actually affect our cellular structure, our chakras, influence an effect to our DNA to help induce wellness within ourselves.
A variety of instruments accompanied the man throughout its history and, in recent times ancient knowledge got scientific and practical application

The influence of sound is very complex. Even if the method seems simple at first glance, its application requires a fundamental knowledge of the sound influence as well as personal practice and experience, to be applied individually and securely for the benefit of the client.