“Before its incarnation, the Soul is Sound. “ – Hazarat Inayat Khan

"I like everything, simply every sound has its own influence, but most of all I like the way my Sound Therapist is performing the therapy and her relationship with the client. Suzana gives the impression that she knows what she's doing and she does it with a lot of faith and love. She has a wonderful approach and simply radiates energy which liberates and leads to a state of relaxation and immersion in sounds and vibrations."

"Sound Therapy helped me immensely in balancing energies and solving health problems. Problematic health results have improved without medications and the hips operation was cancelled. I love the sounds of the instruments, especially Tibetan bowls and the effect of vibrations they produce in my body, which Suzana performs discreetly, carefully and effectively."

"Many therapies have not helped me as the Sound Therapy. After only three treatments I feel improvement, I feel greater mobility and the pain that I had vanished. Suzana gives hope for the good outcome of the therapy and that made me genuinely more relaxed and peaceful. What I like the most is the therapist’s attitude and vibrations produced by the drum."

"A very pleasant, relaxing and soporific atmosphere with positive energy and lots of love. I really like the way therapist is applying instruments and vibrations but the most valuable sound therapy impressions are positive results and total disappearance of pain. What contributes mostly to these great results is sound therapist’s approach and work, calm and positive, she has a great love for sound therapy and the client. "

"Because of my back pain and also shoulder chronic pain, I gladly accepted this form of therapy – healing with sound. I am very enthusiastic about sound therapy because it did help me a lot, my pain disappeared so quickly and my whole body feels energy and harmony. It was quite pleasant experience, relaxing and regenerative. Suzana is absolutely professional and committed, everything feels good and I look forward to each session."

"It seems to be very interesting and very logical to me. Ancient civilizations have used sound for healing purposes, why wouldn’t we? The first impression after each sound treatment is relaxation and was immediately followed by the excess of energy. Suzana performs therapy with a lot of dedication, attention and love. The fact is that the therapy has no short term effect but rather prolonged effect and it brings the whole being and body back into balance. I highly recommend it to anyone because I believe in the effectiveness of the Sound Therapy."

"It delights me, the presence of the calm therapist, her voice, every word, her energy. Instruments and their vibrations on and through the body are completely comfortable and unique experience. Particularly beautiful and relaxing are sounds of Tibetan bowls. It is absolutely delightful. Such a feeling I have never experienced, nirvana, complete relaxation. A lot of pain and discomfort are relieved but the most positive outcome is at the psychological level. "